Through webinars and a summer university held in Besançon (august 2021), training sessions on the history of migrations from Antiquity up to today, migration routes, forced labour and slavery towards and inside Europe.

Once the technical-scientific committee has been set up, the website and the associated social tools created, the first activity will concern the training of partners who will then coordinate the territorial surveys. It will be preceded by the collection of a questionnaire in all partner states, from “native” citizens and citizens of third countries, in order to find out the main opinions and prejudices on the subject of immigrant integration.

Transnational training sessions of 50 hours through the web, with the realization in local sub-groups of in-depth analyses and exercises on the history and law of migration in and towards Europe between the 19th and 21st centuries. It will examine whether and how situations of intolerance and conflict have evolved positively, in terms of the real integration of migrants in the new countries and their contribution to the resolution of local socio-economic crises.

Training period: 05/04/2021 – 28/05/2021

Direct participants : 25