From 2013, Miroirs de Femmes – Reflets du Monde (MF-RM) brings together women and men of different nationalities to promote knowledge of the languages and cultures of the world.  It facilitates the integration of migrants of different nationalities, promotes dignity, sharing and respect for others, fights against isolation and promotes individual emancipation, works in favor of the positive image of neighborhoods, encourages activities that strengthen active citizenship and participation.  In 2019, 34 nationalities were involved in the exhibition “Rencontre: Faces, Objects, Roots “and the Village du Monde edition.  In addition, there are manual activities on Thursdays, language bars, multicultural meals, and French lessons.

 MF-RM maintains relations with the Prefecture, the Municipality of Besançon, the Region, political leaders as well as all regional social and cultural offices and migrant associations.  In collaboration with the University of Franche-Comté and on the strength of its network in Besançon and the surrounding area, MF-RM will play an essential role in collecting surveys from citizens.  The association’s experience will then allow it to analyze and develop the debate around the results of the survey.  Disclosure of results will be done through articles, exhibits and videos.  In partnership with the university, Miroirs de Femmes will participate in the creation of a solidarity desk, in particular for migrant students.  In collaboration with the University of Franche-Comté, Miroirs de Femmes will participate in the creation and management of a Solidarity Office, especially for students of migrant origin and women of recent immigration.