With the project 1001 Italianen (1001 Italians) we want to study the history of Italian emigration to the Netherlands) through exhibitions, publications, films, events, in collaboration with Dutch organizations and  international, eg national archives, regional / local archives, museums, embassies, universities, associations.  In 2016, we published 1001italiane, the first book in Dutch entirely devoted to five centuries of Italian emigration to the Netherlands for a prestigious Dutch publisher (Singel / Athenaeum).  This publication is based on the Italian language edition (1001 Italiani, storia e storie di italiani nei Paesi Bassi) produced on behalf of the Italian Embassy in The Hague.

 The Stichting Culturissima association will prepare the material relating to migration to the Netherlands so that all those involved in the project can use it.  We will participate, along with some of our academics and experts, in the course related to the history of migration between the 19th and the 21st century.  We will participate, in collaboration with other local associations well anchored in the Dutch reality, such as the Acli of Utrecht, in the analysis and the results of the territorial surveys.  Together, we will organize a debate in the form of workshops aimed at collecting “targeted” proposals and opinions on the objectives, characteristics and content of the project’s dissemination results and the resulting recommendations for good practice.  We will also prepare an exhibition focusing on the reconstruction of the events, places and protagonists of immigration to the Netherlands.  We will participate with one of our representatives in the final conference.