The Department of Political Science and Communication (SPC) is part of the Faculty of History, International Relations, Political Science and Communication Sciences, its members are involved in teaching and research activities.  Within the department, two research structures operate: the Research Center for Identity and Migration Studies and the Working Group for Active Citizenship.  Both are involved in research projects and partnerships with different organizations (non-governmental organizations, local and central public authorities), as well as in collaborations with colleagues from Oradea University and other partner universities.  Since 2007, the PSCS department has published a biannual online journal, The Journal of Identity and Migration Studies (JIMS), which publishes high-quality academic work in the field of migration and identity.

 Their role will be to participate in all phases of the project and to help provide responses to regional challenges.  For the research phase, this will involve collecting stories on the stigmatization of Romani during their education process, with a particular focus on students at the University of Oradea, and conducting surveys on the stories of their successful integration into Oradea.  The information collected will be disseminated in order to provide students of the University of Oradea, but also the public, with communication tools to combat the stigmatization of migrants and minorities.  This will also serve to collect documents (questionnaires on Roma minorities) in order to publish them on the COMXEN website (European project in progress), in the journal JIMS and to organize an international seminar in Oradea in addition to the participation in other events of the project.

The participants in the project are Irina POP and Mariana BUDA.