MGHRO is a Budapest-based humanitarian organization, founded in 1992. The organization is actively involved in the fight for social inclusion.  The vision of the founder, Mr. Deen, is to fight for the rights of migrants and refugees, to combat racism and discrimination against foreigners and to encourage social inclusion in the community at all levels.  MGHRO engages in humanitarian and educational activities through various programs.  The MGHRO facilitates dialogue between local communities and immigrant minorities through activities such as sport in schools, workshops on integration, tolerance and racism in secondary schools.  In doing so, the organization aims to broaden children’s perspectives and develop tolerance towards other people from different cultures.  She is also interested in sport, the most effective way to overcome communication difficulties between nations.

 Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights will collaborate with his operators by organizing workshops, collecting interviews that involve citizens and migrants who already frequent their organization.  They will analyze and present the results in a public debate on the themes of stigma and stereotypes of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.  The debate will mainly involve Hungarians, politicians, migrants and some leaders of international companies in order to raise awareness of the stigma and stereotypes faced by all migrants and to increase efforts to integrate migrants into the Hungarian society.  It will also organize an exhibition and an information and counseling office for the immigrant population in Hungary.  Finally, a representative will be present at the final conference.