The University of Florence is one of the most important Italian universities that collaborates with academic and research institutions from all over the world, in the scientific and cultural field.  The Faculty of Law has obtained very good results in the field of the protection of human rights, asylum and European law, at local and national level, involving political decision-makers and various actors. The faculty aims to address and resolve the problems and prejudices of citizens towards immigrants from third countries and the mistrust of many EU citizens towards public institutions and the capacity of these to deal effectively with the phenomenon.  These modalities seem applicable to Sliding Doors, to foster a better understanding of Europe, to provide solutions aimed at supporting inclusive, innovative and thoughtful societies in a context of global social transformation.

 The University of Florence, through the Faculty of Law and in collaboration with the Altrodiritto association, will have the task of preparing the part of the questionnaires relating to legal aspects and of coordinating the part of the course on the history of migration. Our task will be to analyze how the normative approach towards migrants and asylum seekers has evolved over time.  The UniFi will participate in the analysis and presentation of the results of the survey and will contribute to the creation of the content of the phase aimed at increasing the awareness and social engagement of the population.  It will participate with its own representative in the international conference where best practice recommendations will be presented, focusing on explicit regulatory proposals.  The University and Professor Santoro will coordinate the information advisory office active in four partner countries.