Dissemination of results with international scientific publications but also through a website, a multimedia exhibition, an active presence on social networks and an application for smartphones. 

The direct involvement of migrants and poorly active/under-represented/marginalized citizens, favoring a feminist and anti-racist perspective, leads to results that deepen and disseminate the issues addressed for a new broad press campaign throughout the EU; raising awareness and social commitment of the population at large towards the duty to overcome stigmatization, which is a source of discrimination, violence and also used as a matter of convenience in times of crisis.

Exhibition: multimedia, in the places and with the various actors of best practices of integration implemented.

Video-clips: by migrant women and volunteers

App for smartphone: everybody, from its smartphone, will be able to play the migrant that will have to choose between various « sliding doors » (with a geo-referenced guide on the places of the history of migration).

Immersive newspapers: that can be downloaded from the App, and that can be modified in real time

Period : 10/01/2022 – 29/04/2022

All partner countries. Direct participants: 100