Interviews with immigrants and visitors from sites and museums dedicated to migrations in order to identify best practices.

Participants to the training phase, supported by experts and actors in the sector, through non-profit partner associations, will interrogate citizens – first of all immigrants, but also visitors to migration sites and museums – on the evolution of the themes and events studied, as well as on the results of the preliminary questionnaire on the most widespread prejudices, in order to detect possible solutions.

Quantitative and qualitative report on the characteristics, evolution and perspectives of stigmatization and discrimination against immigrants in Europe, laying the basis for: creating products (technologically innovative but easy and widespread) that tackle them and act on a daily basis; developing regulatory recommendations and good economic practices that discourage them; activating concrete services/facilities.

Period: 31/05/2021 – 30/07/2021.

In all partner countries. Direct participants : 800