Presentation and implementation of the results with the contribution of the MEPs already implicated in the project, presentation of recommendations during press conferences held in the three cities hosting the EU and in Rome. In 4 countries, with the support of young people from the European Solidarity Corpse, opening of counselling offices to bring a concrete support to immigrates.

The Recommendations of Good Practice, designed by citizens and formalized by scholars and MEPs of the CTS, focus on proposals for regulatory reform at EU level, and on training/economic incentives to support reception/assistance services for “fragile” citizens and against stigmatization/discrimination of immigrants. The coordinators indicated are “direct participants”.

Dissemination of recommendations/ models of best practices for the integration of immigrants, with a vade mecum on relevant services and a database on the phenomenon of migration in Europe, which can be implemented continuously on the website, at four press conferences held as discussion groups – with MEPs supporting the project – in the capitals of the European Parliament (Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg) and in Rome.

Period 30/05/2022 – 30/09/2022 Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Rome.

Direct participants: 50