The Roberto Marini Foundation “Oltre il Secolo Breve” manages the Roberto Marini Archives of Contemporary History and Culture.  It is a sample of post-war history and culture, with extensive documentation on the socio-economic history of Europe and other continents. It is paid particular attention to migration from and to Italy and Europe.  Among the 10,000 books, 500 magazine titles, 500 various titles, 8,500 paperbacks, 3,500 CDs, 8,000 audio cassettes, 4,000 VHS, 13 reels, 30 newspaper titles since 1945, there is a section (books, articles, photos, music and videos) on migration and its relation to the economy, work, society, town planning and the role of language.  The activities of the Foundation, registered in the network of Italian libraries, consist of: 1) enhancing the material by indexing and presenting the content 2) organizing concerts, conferences and seminars.

The Foundation will make the documents on migration in its archives available to all project participants. Some of its members (specialists in Italian and international migration routes, regulatory aspects and the management of small structures aimed at the emancipation of asylum seekers) will participate in the organization of the course relating to history of migrations between 19th and the 21st centuries. The archive will take part in the analysis of the results of the territorial surveys carried out by its operators, the presentation of the survey results, the production of the exhibition and the video clip and the international conference. The information and orientation desk, for both natives and migrants, will be staffed by an expert in migration regulations. The Archives Director will participate in press conferences and the symposium to present recommendations for best practice.