The Foyer was founded in 1969. It is active at a  local, regional and international level, and focuses on social cohesion and the participation of people of immigrant origin.  The Foyer develops training sessions, tools and teaching methods to disseminate information and raise awareness of cultural diversity and democracy by promoting advice on multilingual education, linguistic analysis and support for multilingual families,  socio-cultural activities for men and fathers;  activities for women of all backgrounds and ages at the Dar Al Amal Women’s Center.  The Foyer is developing intercultural mediation in the field of health and prevention, by implementing the methodology of dialogue tables.  In 2019, he created the Migratie Museum Migration, a museum that brings to life the history of migration in Brussels through stories and objects collected by local immigrants.

 The Foyer manages the Migration Museum in the Brussels region and will make migration material from its archives available to all those participating in the project.  Its operators will collaborate in the organization of workshops and the collection of interviews with citizens, migrants and visitors – in particular women – who are already participating in the many initiatives carried out by the Foyer.  The Foyer team will analyze and present the results of the territorial surveys, prepare an exhibition and a related conference and participate with its own representative at the international conference.  The director of the Foyer will coordinate the press conference in Brussels where best practice recommendations will be presented, with regulatory proposals, training tools and economic incentives of great community value.