The Associazione Trentini nel Mondo was founded in 1957 with the aim of solidarity and as a structure for gathering and assisting migrants from Trentino and their descendants. Present in twenty-six countries on four continents with more than two hundred circles, the association is entirely managed by volunteers, it coordinates and supports the activities of the Circles, provides grants and scholarships to emigrants in difficulty, promotes knowledge of the language  and Italian culture abroad. The association preserves the memory of the Trentine emigration, participates in cultural initiatives concerning emigration, promotes the encounter between the Trentine communities abroad and residents in the countries of emigration, stimulates and facilitates relations between residents of Trentino all over the world.

 The association will contribute to the implementation of the project by providing trainers specializing in emigration associationism.  The association will also contribute to the creation, collection and analysis of questionnaires in the countries where the Association is present among people of Trentino and Italian origin in general, in particular in Germany (Berlin and Ruhr) and in the Luxembourg.  The association will also make available paper documents, films, and audio interviews, both as sources and by contributing to new documents produced by the project.  The association will also organize an exhibition on the results of the project by coordinating its preparation, promotion and dissemination in Trentino as well as in Germany and Luxembourg.