The Association of Italians “Rino Zandonai” Tuzla was founded in 1993 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and was registered in 2000. It is a non-profit association with around 300 members.  Members are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina whose ancestors arrived as migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian Empire or later.  The aim is to preserve the tradition, culture, language and human rights of the Italians in Bosnia.  It organizes three big events and other activities every year.  The history of migration from Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina is analyzed through four publications, round tables, conferences, exhibitions, events, and “A Day of Italian Gastronomy”.  Every year, it organizes solidarity actions in Tuzla and its surroundings, as well as cultural activities and trips to Trentino.

 The role of the association in the project is to participate in all project activities, if necessary, and in particular in analysis and dissemination activities.  The association has a solid knowledge of the migratory processes from Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also a sufficient knowledge of the new migratory processes currently underway in the Balkan countries, a transitional territory for migrants to the countries of the EU.  The members of the association are qualified to meet the objectives of the project and have the necessary expertise to contribute to training, research, analysis, various on-site or online meetings and the production of strategic documents linked to the recommendations of the project.