During the final phase of the project, with the support of young people of the European Solidarity Corps and in agreement with the local administrations of the cities in which they will be based, a counselling and information office will be activated in four of the countries promoting the project, to provide concrete support to any person, “fragile subject” or “weak group”, who makes a justified request, but above all aimed at the new immigrants welcomed by the partner associations.

Opening in Besançon and at three other non-profit partners in as many countries promoting the project, not only of guidance offices (with dissemination of the vade mecum linked to the recommendations and connection to the site’s database), but also of a support function of a psychological nature and/or social housing. The term “direct participants” in this activity refers to the members of the non-profit organizations that will manage the counters.

Period: 30/05/2022 – 02/09/2022

In France, Italy, Hungary and Belgium (to be determined). Direct participants: 25