The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a generalist university, which welcomes nearly 34,000 students, up to the doctorate.  UAB plays a leading role in global scientific research and its wide range of disciplines, both teaching and research, testify to its multidisciplinary approach.  UAB occupies a prominent place in the international rankings of the most prestigious and influential universities thanks to the growing influence of its research, the constant improvement of the quality of its teaching and its ability to attract international talents and its collaborations with universities around the world.  The UAB will participate in the activities of the project by involving the associations, which, in Catalan territory, work with migrants.  The dissemination of the results will be guaranteed by the involvement of the Region, organizations and political representatives who already collaborate with UAB.

 UAB, based on the many and diverse experiences on the issues presented by the project, will participate in the development and preparation of the course questionnaire on the history of migration.  It will focus in particular on the social aspects linked to adversities and on the possibility of including, social groups such as young migrants and foreign citizens who are the most discriminated.  It will also be analyzed which forms were most used by migrants to cope with the difficulty of arrival.  The university will participate in the presentation of the survey results and develop their content in order to increase the awareness and social engagement of the population.  It will participate with its own representative in the international colloquium where the final recommendations will be presented, focusing on proposals of a social nature.