International event that will take place in Besançon (august 2022) during which participants will validate the results of the research. 

All the products of the project will be presented during an international event in Besançon, but will be held simultaneously in all partner countries in the form of an Electronic Town Meeting. There will thus be an alternation of entertaining moments with reports, debates and workshops coordinated by the project leader.

Simultaneous realisation in all project partner countries, dissemination on the website (“Electronic Town Meeting”) and on the Facebook and Youtube channels, of the event presenting the results of the survey and debate phases. The colloquium will also be an opportunity to analyse, finalise and vote/validate – directly by the participating “citizen authors” – the good practice recommendations drawn up by the Technical-Scientific Committee and which will have to be validated.

Period 09/05/2022 – 23/05/2022

All partner countries.  Direct participants : 200