Inducar promotes non-formal learning and social inclusion. Its mission is to contribute, through innovative and quality responses, to facilitating the processes of transformation of mentalities. The backbone of action is the development of organizations, their human capital and the public. Inducar designs, develops, implements and evaluates projects aimed at governmental, third sector and private organizations. It offers know-how and expertise in the fields of non-formal education / learning, human rights education, cultural diversity, participatory art, gender balance, citizenship and participatory democracy.  Through training for professionals from civil society organizations, public authorities and private bodies, it provides training for adults, education for global citizenship, democracy and human rights.

 Inducar has extensive experience -between Lisbon, Barcelona, Cape Verde and Rome- in the field of human rights and asylum seekers as well as in social inclusion, participation, democratic citizenship and intercultural learning.  Inducar, which will collaborate in the project with the Catholic University of Lisbon and the CEDH – Research Center for Human Development, will participate with its trainers in the course on the history of migration between the 19th and the 21st century, helping to assess how events and historical-political conflicts have sometimes evolved in positive conditions.  A contribution that will also cooperate to the training and facilitation of learning processes.  It will participate in the preparation of the survey and will then present the results in a specific debate, video clips and immersive articles will also be prepared.  Inducar will be present at the final conference in Besançon.