Analysis of results by the network of partners. Debate and presentations of results during workshops gathering the results of the project and the recommendations.

The experts who designed and promoted the project, coming from universities, research centers/archives, non-profit civil society organizations, municipalities, will analyze, through webinars but also during the summer university in Besançon, the results of the territorial surveys and the resulting report, in order to deepen the feasibility and sustainability of the most shared and significant proposals received from the citizens involved and expressed by a large majority of the discriminated groups.

The experts coordinating the survey and its analysis will submit to the technical-scientific committee a first draft proposal of good practice recommendations for EU decision-makers, elaborated both in terms of regulatory innovations that discourage and condemn any form of stigmatization of immigrants and new services – information and guidance, but also social assistance and economic support – to foster their genuine integration.

Period: 02/08/2021 – 01/10/2021

From Besançon online and during the summer university.

Direct participants: 25